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Bluegrass Barons Bring Barehanded Baseball Back To Shakertown

The Harrodsburg Herald/Sam Warren
Ben “Pops” Clouse pitched for the Bluegrass Barons during their 21-8 win over the Cincinnati Red Stockings at Shakertown on Saturday.

Samuel Warren

Herald Staff

Saturday was perfect weather for a large crowd to enjoy a vintage baseball game in the middle of Shaker Village. The Cincinnati Red Stockings and the Bluegrass Barons played for the third time in the unique backyard-like environment at Shaker Village, with fans lining the perimeter of the field and some throughout.

The field conditions were one of a kind. A shed and two trees in centerfield made for an interesting obstacle course-like scramble for fly balls, a tree hung over the first base line, and the foul poles were two story buildings with multiple windows facing home plate.

The Barons came to play and jumped to an early 10-1 lead after two innings. In the third, Gunner of the Red Stockings hit a deep drive past the row of fans in lawn chairs and into the hemp field beyond right field, but Cincinnati couldn’t round the bases and the score stayed 10-1 until the fifth inning. Tugboat, a Red Stocking, hit a hard drive off of the shed in center field, scoring two runners, then Gunner hit a single to score two more to move the Red Stockings within six at the start of the seventh inning. A seven run seventh inning for the Barons ended Cincinnati’s hopes as their deficit grew to 21-8.

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