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Burgin students act out

The Harrodsburg Herald/April Ellis
Students from Megan Berketis’ English class acted out scenes they wrote about drug addiction. Pictured left to right were Draven Poynter, Briggs Young, Ava Carmichael, Layne Elliot, David Lynn and Campbell Beasley.

April Ellis

Herald Staff

For the last five years, Burgin High School has taken a different approach to teaching the dangers of drug addiction. Family Resource Coordinator Sharon Perkins and teacher Megan Berketis have moved drug prevention education from the classroom to the stage.

As part of Berketis’ English class, comprised of sophomores and juniors, the students interviewed police, emergency medical personnel, the coroner, a drug enforcement agency officer, emergency room nurses, a judge and most importantly, recovering addicts. The purpose of the interviews was for the students to develop a more realistic view of the effects drugs can have on someone’s life from their health, incarceration, damage with family relationships and sometimes death.

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