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Look Out For Bargain Hunters During 127 Yard Sale

Sheriff Ernie Kelty and his staff put out signs informing the public not to park on the median during the 127 Yard Sale.

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

The 127 Yard Sale is here, and state and local officials are asking everyone to stay safe.

While the yard sale—billed as being the longest in the world, running from Alabama to Michigan—officially began this morning, Mercer Sheriff Ernie Kelty and his deputies were preparing for it last week. They placed signs all along U.S. 127 in Mercer County warning people not to park on the median lane during the yard sale. Sheriff Kelty said they will step up patrols during the sale too.

“We will be very active in those areas,” Sheriff Kelty said last week.

While there are sales practically everywhere in Mercer County, the biggest will be at the Smock Farm (3580 Louisville Road) where more than 100 vendors have their wares on display. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is reminding shoppers and other motorists that no sales or parking is allowed on state right of way. In addition to being a safety hazard, it is also illegal under state law. KYTC wants to ensure that drivers have the proper amount of sight distance for intersections, driveway entrances and curves. Any encroachment on state right of way requires a permit from the cabinet.

Other Tips for Bargain Hunters

• Watch for parked cars, slowed traffic and vehicles turning into or out of side streets and driveways.

• Park a safe distance from the highway, preferably outside a 22-foot “recovery zone” extending from the white line on the pavement edge. This area gives motorists room in which to maneuver in case of trouble.

• Watch for pedestrians, and especially for children and pets in the area of yard sales.

• Use seat belts, obey posted speed limits and other traffic laws, and refrain from drinking and driving.

The 127 Yard Sale

All day each day, Thursday, Aug. 5, through Sunday, Aug. 8

8 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit


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