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Mercer Bass Fishing Reels In A Successful Season

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Mercer sophomores Gabe Blair and Mason Cheek hold up some of the fish they caught on Green River Lake during the recent state tournament.

Samuel Warren

Herald Staff

Mercer County bass anglers Gabe Blair and Mason Cheek fished in the Kentucky Bass Nation State Championship at Green River Lake for the first time after qualifying for the competition with a sixth place finish in a tournament on Barren River a month ago.

The duo started the tournament last Saturday with the fish biting and bringing in a lot of fish, but the heavy boat traffic and the heat started to wear them down. They made a tough call to move so the wake wouldn’t be as bad. They found a ledge to fish and ended up with three large mouths in the boat for a weight of four pounds even.

On their third day on the water, Blair and Cheek were tired and had to grind it out. The forecast showed a chance of storms and they decided to fish hard that morning to get their limit.

“They did what they knew they could do best and fished what they knew—what they were familiar with,” said fishing coach Perri Blair

They had three in the boat by 9 a.m.

Anyone interested in joining the team should check the Mercer County Bass Team Facebook page for upcoming information.

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