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Tourist Commission Gives $5,000 To Harrodsburg First

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

The Harrodsburg-Mercer County Tourist Commission voted to provide $5,000 in funding to the Harrodsburg First Main Street Program.

Allen Goldie, chairman of the Harrodsburg First board of directors, asked the tourist commission at their board meeting last week. The agency faces an uncertain future. Executive Director Julie Wagner resigned to take a position with Boyle County while the program has not received funding from the City of Harrodsburg. Goldie said he has been told Harrodsburg First would receive $30,000 in direct funding from the city.

In the past, that money would have been drawn from the tourism development fund, which comes from the restaurant tax. However, the tourist commission now controls how that funding is distributed. Goldie said he wanted to clarify where they stand going forward. He presented the tourist commission with information on Harrodsburg First’s achievements since their founding in 1987, which include creating Oktoberfest. Goldie said Harrodsburg First had received over $1 million in direct funding from the City of Harrodsburg since 1991 as well as contributions from the Mercer County Fiscal Court. He said Harrodsburg First is looking at various ways to replace Wagner, but they are hampered by lack of funds.

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