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Burgin School Board Gives COVID-19 Bonuses To Classified Workers

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

The Burgin Board of Education voted to give a $15 emergency daily bonus to front line classified workers back-dated to Monday, March 1, for COVID-19.

Twenty employees will be getting the bonus and the provision will be available for future emergencies.

“Once approved, it is for life and only the superintendent can reward it,” said Will Begley, superintendent of Burgin Independent Schools. “We had a lot of classified employees that used sick time, we want to reward those who helped.”

The measure gives the Burgin Independent superintendent discretionary powers to allocate bonuses for workers during a crisis. It extends beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and will be available during any future crisis.

“If there was an ice storm or flooding in the gym I could offer it to employees who help with the crisis,” said Begley.

The superintendent said the bonus would be for employees such as food workers, family resource and janitorial staff working from Monday, March 16, to Friday, May 15. Those who qualify would each get $15 extra pay for the days worked during the COVID-19 crisis. A second round of bonuses would be available at the superintendent’s discretion for the summer feeding programs. 

In other business, the Burgin Board of Education:

• Presented the YES! (Your Excellence Shows) Award to Sharon Perkins, the Family Resource Center coordinator. The award was not for Perkins’ hard work with FRYSC, but with graduation gifts, drug prevention and many other programs within the school.

“Sharon provides some of the best programming with the lowest budget in 18 districts,” said Paul Cookendorfer, region 5 manager for the Family Resource and Youth Services Centers.

The Burgin center received a $2,000 mini-grant from New Vista of the Bluegrass specifically for her substance prevention program.

• Discussed the 2020-2021 school year calendar. The state is requesting three calendar versions; one starting in July, one in August and one starting in October. No avtion was taken by the board.

• Learned the Burgin virtual graduation and class night was posted on Facebook.

• Approved the $200,000 pay schedule for BCD Construction, for the on-going construction at Burgin.

• Tabled a discussion about the issues involved in attaching the new roof after learning it may possibly void the existing warranty.

BCD has asked for an additional $2,300 as part of a change order for training to certify a roofer approved for working on the existing roof without voiding the warranty.

Since installation of the old roof, one leak has already been addressed but another leak will need to be addressed soon, school officials say. Since BCD doesn’t have a Henry certified roofer working to attach the new roof to the existing roof this could void the warranty.

“The architects were not given the existing warranty and it was a surprise to them,” said Begley. “It was not considered in the original bid and they changed their design to meet the warranty guidelines.”

The architects will be asked to attend the June meeting to discuss the issues.

The next regular meeting of the Burgin Board  of Education is scheduled for Wednesday, June 10, at 7 p.m. It will be hosted on the Zoom meeting app.

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