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Updated Restaurant Listings

Rigo Ayala said La Fonda Restuarant on Main Street is staying busy with filling to go orders. (The Harrodsburg Herald/Robert Moore.)

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

While some eateries have closed during the coronavirus outbreak, others are continuing to serve the public. Here is a list, courtesy of the Mercer County Chamber of Commerce. We update the list regularly. If you have any changes or corrections, please let us know.

  • Arby’s (870 South College Street, 734-0334)—Drive-thru only.
  • Beaumont Inn and Old Owl Tavern (638 Beaumont Inn Drive, 734-3381). Closed.
  • Burgin Dairy Barn (100-140 Danville Burgin Road, 748-2276). Carry out only.
  • C&T Food Market (123 North Main Street, 734-2381). Carry out only. Hours: 6:30–5 p.m. until further notice.
  • Casa Grande (145 Collin Drive, 613-5669). Curbside pickup, delivery within eight miles ($2 delivery charge for orders less than $25, orders more than $25 are free).
  • Cloud’s Country Cooking (1028 North College Street No. 8, 734-0086). Carry out and delivery.
  • CU-Harrodsburg Starbucks and Steak ‘n’ Shake (1050 Danville Road, 605-6336). Closed.
  • Dairy Queen Grill & Chill (945 North College Street) Drive-thru only.

  • Downtown Pizza Pub (112 South Main Street, 605-6488). Carry out and delivery. They are now open Sundays 11 a.m.–8 p.m.

Amber Hume at the Downtown Pizza Pub is thankful to still be able to do delivery and curbside service. (The Harrodsburg Herald/Robert Moore)

  • Dunn’s BBQ (726 Cane Run Street, 734-3675). Curbside pickup, delivery (free in Harrodsburg, $10 charge outside Harrodsburg)
  • El Charro (547 Commerce Drive, 734-6034 or 615-631-5518). Carry out and delivery.
  • Family Affair Restaurant (5509 Louisville Road, Salvisa, 865-4096). Curbside pickup, delivery within five miles ($5 charge)
  • Granny’s Diner (513 West Broadway Street, 734-6210). Closed.
  • Harrod’s Perk & Chill (322 East Office Street, 605-6228). Closed.
  • Harrodsburg Harvest Coffee (113 East Office Street, 605-2284). Closed.
  • Huddle House (1066 North College Street, 734-4277). Closed.
  • High Mountain BBQ–to go.
  • Jenkins Burgin Depot (105 West Main Street, Burgin, 748-9806). Closed.
  • Kentucky Fudge Company (225 South Main Street, 733-0088). Closed.
  • King Donuts (584 North College Street, 265-5009). Drive-thru. Closing April 10, will reopen June 1.
  • Kountry Kupbroad (2780 Louisville Road, 733-9070). Carry out.
  • Kroger Deli (844 South College Street, 734-0078). Carry out.
  • La Fonda Mexican Restaurant (121 South Main Street, 734-0033). Curbside and delivery.
  • Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken (313 South College Street, 734-7535). Drive-thru.
  • Lemons Mill Brewery (166 Marimon Avenue No. 12, 265-0872). Open for growler fills and can sales 4–7 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays and 3–6 p.m. Saturdays.
  • Little Caesars (762 South College Street, 733-0033). Carry out, drive-thru and delivery.
  • McDonald’s (679 South College Street, 734-9000). Drive through and delivery.
  • 19th Hole Restaurant (1742 Danville Road, 734-2021). Closed. On Facebook they said they hope to open in May.
  • Olde Bus Station (227 South Greenville Street, 734-4202 or order online here). Carry out and delivery.
  • Olde Town Grill & Gameroom LLC (110 West Broadway Street, 325-5772). Closed.
  • Papa Johns Pizza (106 North Greenville Street, 734-3434). Carry out and delivery.
  • Pizza Hut (675 Beaumont Plaza, 734-5143). Carry out and delivery.
  • Rock Haven Cigar, Tap & Pourhouse (419 East Office Street, 605-2007)—Public area is closed, but they are still selling cigars and package beer. Call or message them on Facebook.
  • Subway South (591 Joseph Drive [inside Walmart], 734-3132). Carry out only, hours 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Subway North (1028 North College Street No. 1A, 265-5050). Closed.
  • Taco Bell/KFC (609 South College Street, 734-2652). Drive-thru.
  • The Baker’s Table (613-2999). Deliveries only.
  • Trustees’ Table Restaurant at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (3501 Lexington Road, 734-5411). Closed.
  • Wah Mei Restaurant (858 South College Street, 734-0523). Reopening Friday, May 15.
  • Wake And Bake Food Truck (corner of West Broadway and Magnolia Streets, 859-612-7986 or 859-974-0606). Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Sunday 3-8 p.m. Pick up only.
  • Walmart Deli (591 Joseph Drive, 734-5721). Carry out.
  • Wendy’s (1094 North College Street, 733-9222). Drive-thru.
  • Wyonette’s (672 Cornishville Street, 734-9257). Closed.

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  3. Deborah Swope on May 18, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    I’m very happy for all the openings ‼️‼️
    I have a concern about the RESTAURANT TAX.
    Proceeds of the tax shall not be used as a subsidy in any form to any hotel, motel, or restaurant, SEE BELOW

    KRS 91a.390
    (3). A portion of the money collected from the imposition of this tax, as determined by the tax levying body, upon the advice and consent of the tourist and convention commission, may be used to finance the cost of acquisition, construction, operation, and maintenance of facilities useful in the attraction and promotion of tourist and convention business, including projects described in KRS 154.30-050(2)(a). The balance of the money collected from the imposition of this tax shall be used for the purposes set forth in KRS 91A.350. Proceeds of the tax shall not be used as a subsidy in any form to any hotel, motel, or restaurant, except as provided in KRS 154.30-050(2)(a)3.c. Money not expended by the commission during any fiscal year shall be used to make up a part of the commission’s budget for its next fiscal year

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