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Mercer Elementary Teachers Parade On April 2

Getting Into The Spirt And Keeping A Distance

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

Mercer County Elementary School will hold a teacher parade today, Thursday, April 2, at 4 p.m. Teachers and students can wave at each other and students are encouraged to make signs everyone is asked to maintain social distancing during the event.

Last week Burgin Independent and Mercer County Intermediate Schools held teacher parades in which social distancing was observed as cars with teachers drove by and waved at students.

Organizer Stacy Charles, counselor of Mercer County Elementary School, said she is targeting streets not included in the intermediate school parade.

“We are asking people to please stand in your yard or on the sidewalk and wave at all the teachers and staff from MCES,” said Charles. “Children can not approach the vehicles and we encourage social distancing for everyone. We can’t wait to see you all!”

Amy Riley, the counselor at Mercer County Intermediate School showed off her school spirt at Saturday’s parade.

The parade will start at Mercer County Central Office. The route includes:

  • Mooreland to Gardenview (Shewmaker Drive to Rosewood to Daisy to Azalea) to
  • Mackville Road to Riverview (Woods, Ridge, Ridgeway, Raintree)
  • Scenic Drive to Cresthill
  • Cresthill to Scenic Drive
  • Mooreland Avenue to Blue Ridge Subdivision (all streets including)
  • Robin Street to Aqua Street to James Street
  • James Street to West Office to Boone Street to Stoner Street
  • West Office to Sunset to Belmont (turn around at Lewis Court)
  • Belmont Circle to West Lane to Cornishville Street
  • Shannon Avenue to Clay Avenue to Moberly Road
  • Bohon East to Apache Trail to Tomahawk to Arrowhead
  • 127 to Brentwood – Hycliff to Longview to Parkwood to Virginia to Agee
  • Fieldlark to Pope to Oakley to Inman to Haddix to Virginia
  • 127 to 127 Bypass to East Lexington


Erich and Carter Ruehs handed out candy and showed off their school spirit at Saturday’s parade. (The Harrodsburg Herald/Robert Moore).

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