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Three Arrested For Meth Trafficking

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office seized drugs and money and arrested three people who deputies say may be bringing drugs into Mercer County. Image: Mercer County Sheriff’s Office. 

Robert Moore

Herald Staff




Three people have been arrested and charged with bringing drugs into Mercer County.

Deputies with the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) pulled over three people on Perryville Road  near Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church at 11 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

During a subsequent search of the gray 2019 Ford pickup, deputies found two baggies containing 168.5 grams of a substance suspected to be crystal methampetamine. The deputies also found cash.

Parris Oliver McGhee, 27 of Warren, Michigan, and  Kynzi Alexis Fisher-Phipps, 19, and Vanessa Kost, 19, both of Campbellsville, were charged with 1st-

degree trafficking in methamphetamine and transported to Boyle County Detention Center. While in custody, McGhee was also served with a warrant for being an out of state fugitive.

Bonds for all three were set at $10,000.

According to a Facebook post, these arrests are the result of a joint

investigation conducted by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The case remains open and more arrests are pending, deputies say.

Sgt. Matt Swabey was the arresting officer, with assistance from Capt. Scott Elder, Dep. Sean Brown and Dep. Wes Gaddis

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