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A Second Try At Legalizing Alcohol Sales In Burgin

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

Will Burgin be the next city to go wet? Some residents want to give it another try.

Burgin City Councilman Sindicat “Sid” Dunn has announced a second attempt to legalize alcohol sales in the city of Burgin at the regular council meeting on Tuesday, June 11.

“We will have petitions available for signatures at the Burgin Express and the Burgin Depot,” said Dunn. “We need 122 signatures by Saturday, Aug. 3, to put it on the ballot.”

A previous petition failed when only 93 of the 193 signatures belonged to registered voters.

Dunn said he feels like the approval would help Burgin citizens over all.

“I know it is a two-sided coin with liquor sales,” said Dunn. “The revenue can help relieve the burden of municipal increases.”

The next meeting on Tuesday, July 9, at 6:30 p.m.

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  1. Don Smith on June 20, 2019 at 11:35 am

    You can go all around and they sell alcohol. They love to get money from us here in burgin. WHY not keep it here in our own commutiiy . let that sells money go to help burgin grow.

    • Amanda on July 27, 2019 at 10:17 am

      Our school is located in the center of our town and is where the most activity occurs. Our population is filled with families who have to have two working parents and the older children get themselves to their extra curricular activities. Children walk up and down the sides of the streets to get to these activities. We already have commuters driving through our town, well over the speed limit, and now we want to add the possibility of intoxicated drivers? The majority of the time the walking children are in the grass, but when they encounter a drainage ditch filled with water, they step out onto the edge of the road. I know it would be nice to have the revenue from the liquor taxes, but this would be ridiculous to manage. We have one city cop. Since the election of Mayor Caldwell, our council has made many improvements for the betterment of the city and has many more issues that need the city council’s attention. Alcohol sales should be on the back burner and fixing drainage issues and creating/improving public facilities should have the council’s full attention. Constantly, individuals who want to increase taxes bring up the fact that Burgin citizens pay lower taxes than residents of the city of Danville or the city of Harrodsburg. Given the lack of public facilities available to Burgin’s population, our taxes should be lower. You want to sale alcohol, to supposedly increase the revenue for our town? The only individuals who will turn a profit, will be the individuals who don’t live in our town, running the liquor stores.

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