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Grand Council 2019 At Old Fort Harrod

Taking Aim At The Spring

David Coleman, manager of Old Fort Harrod State Park, is taking aim at the spring. The park held its first event of the season, the Grand Council, on Saturday.

Reenactors staged a Grand Council at Old Fort Harrod State Park last Saturday. The event is a historical recreation of the peace parleys between Native Americans and settlers during Kentucky’s early history.

Native American reenactors share a pipe during the peace parley.

Native American reenactors enter Old Fort Harrod State Park for the Grand Council.

Colonial reenactors Jill Cutner and Larry Catlett pose for a picture after the Grand Council.

David Coleman, park manager at Old Fort Harrod State Park, takes time out from the Grand Council to snap a picture with his anachronistic smart phone.

One of the sheep at Old Fort Harrod asks Native American reenactor Connie Casey if there are any messages Saturday.

At the beginning of the Grand Council, reenactors lit the peace pipe.

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