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Burgin Students Give Back With Free Chili Supper

Fifth graders Try To Help The Hungry

Justice Young and Talyn Brummett are organizing a chili supper on Saturday, Jan. 19, from noon to 3 p.m. at Lions Park Community Center.

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

Burgin Elementary students Justice Young and Talyn Brummett decided the spirit of giving shouldn’t end with the holiday season and started “Kids that Care.”

The students are planning a free chili supper on Saturday, Jan. 19, from noon to 3 p.m. at Lions Park Community Center, located at 450 East Factory Street.

“I really love to help others and I thought a chili supper would be nice,” said Brummett. “If we all help each other that would be amazing.”

On a mission to help the impoverished residents of Mercer County, the children sought guidance from the Christian Life Center.

The event has sponsors such as Wendy’s of Harrodsburg who donated crackers, the city donated the cost of the building rental and the Mercer County Health Department donated the cost of a temporary food license.

“We wanted to try to help every person that might be hungry or cold,” said Brummett. “We want to help because we care.”

Young has made a habit out of helping others with the profits of his egg business and decided to create gift bags for the patrons of the chili supper.

“The bags will have gloves, snack crackers, hand warmers and chapstick,” said Young. “People only give on the holiday season but people are hungry everyday.”

The pair hopes to inspire others to give back to their community and help people in need. The children hope this dinner is the first of many future events to spread joy and kindness in the community.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of the Harrodsburg Herald.

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