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Isaiah House Women’s Facility To Open In Mercer County

$80,000 Donation Aids In Opening

Jordan Wilson, Joanna Early and Natasha Burton helped remodel the New Isaiah House women’s facility in Mercer County.

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

Isaiah House Treatment Center received a grand Christmas present when an anonymous supporter made a very generous donation to the program.

According to Mike Cox, president of Isaiah House, a gift of $80,000 had been approved to help Isaiah House with two ongoing projects.

The money will be divided between the Lisa Walker Center located in Mercer County and the Mike Mullins Vocational Center, located on the Isaiah House’s Willisburg campus. The Mullins building will receive $50,000 for work on its air filtration and ventilation system, while the Lisa Walker Center will receive $30,000 to complete work on the septic system for the new women’s residential treatment center.

The Lisa Walker Center women’s facility located on Bohon Road in Mercer County, will be a short term, 28 day facility for women and plans to be open on Friday, Feb, 1, 2019. The facility will be able to serve up to 16 clients at a time.

“We have been trying to have a facility for women for years. Some weeks it is daily, that we get calls and messages from women asking if we can help them, said Jordan Wilson, PR manager for Isaiah House. “We found and purchased the perfect location in Mercer County and can soon offer real hope for addiction for women in Mercer and surrounding counties.”

Isaiah House tried to have a women’s facility in Washington County from 2011-2015 and found that caring for women was drastically different than caring for men.

In 2015, the women’s facility in Washington County was converted to the long-term men’s facility. Wilson said that since the closure the Isaiah house has been preparing to try again. Wilson also said the Isaiah House hopes to open a long-term facility for women in the future.

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  1. Jackie Reynolds on January 2, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    I am so glad we have this place drugs and and alcohol are taking this world and we need to try and fix it or at least be there to help. If you need any help I’m available to help anyway I can.
    Thanks again

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