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Dutch Cyclists Stop in Harrodsburg En Route to Oregon

Sunday evening Sernit and Meta denHeyer-deMovy stopped off at Anderson-Dean Community Park to fix their dinner and camp for the night. The couple, both in their 70s, are on their third cycling trip across America, a trip they wanted to take again, Sernit said “before we get too old.”

The couple hail from the Netherlands and are cycling  a route mapped out by the Adventure Cycling Association. The organization provides maps with safe spots to rest and eat along the way. Anderson-Dean is one of those spots.

The couple have also camped by churches, police and fire stations, campgrounds, other city parks and occasionally treat themselves to a hotel.

They have completed the over 3000 mile trip twice already. The first was 50 years ago and the second in 2002. “All the time we’ve been thinking about doing this again,” said Sernit. “It’s a fantastic journey through the U.S.”

Sernit was very proud that his 73-year-old wife was physically fit and able to do the journey and had no issue volunteering her age, however, he wasn’t so quick to give his own.

The couple flew into Norfolk, Virginia, headed to Yorktown and started their journey on May 18. It will take the couple 90 days to cycle across 10 states before arriving at Astoria, Oregon.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of The Harrodsburg Herald.

Sernit and Meta denHeyer-deMovy stopped to fix their dinner and rest for a bit during their 3000 mile bike trek across the United States.

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