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Former Mercer County Scottie Releases Football Book

Football has been a big part of David Buchanan’s life since he was a child. 

He played for Mercer County as a teenager and at  Centre College. After graduating college he followed his father, John’s, footsteps and has been a football coach ever since.

Now Buchanan can add author to his resume. After releasing his new book titled, “Black Shoes And White Shoestrings”, which features a collection of football stories and life lessons from old football coaches. 

Buchanan, who has been  head coach at Mason County High School for 19 years, started writing columns for a local newspaper, but he never imagined it would turn into an opportunity to write his own book.

“It started out as a newspaper column for our local paper here. I never planned to write a book, but the columns were so well-received and I got so much positive feedback, I decided to pursue the book,” said Buchanan. 

He said people would always ask him the question, “What does Chuck say?” Chuck is in reference to Chuck Smith, who is the current Boyle County High School football coach and a former assistant coach at the University of Kentucky.

“When Chuck Smith was at UK, people were always asking me if I had talked to him and what he was saying. I realized that I had access to some great wisdom from being around these coaches my entire life and that most people would enjoy access to their wisdom, insights and stories,” added Buchanan.

The book features stories on some of the states greatest coaches including, Smith, Sam Harp, Alvis Johnson, Larry French and many more. 

As for Buchanan, he isn’t sure whether he will write another book or not, but he is sure of one thing, he will continue being around the game of football.

“I want to see how this one plays out first. I enjoy writing when the material writes itself. I will not set out to  do some project for the sake of doing one. If another topic comes around that will write itself like this one did, I would do it. I just hope to continue coaching for a long time,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan lives in Mason County with his wife of 22 years, Stephanie, with whom he has three children, John Combs (18), Emma (15) and Trosper (11).

The book is available for purchase at the Harrodsburg Herald or online at or

Buchanan will have a book signing on Saturday, Dec. 13, at the Harrodsburg Herald from 8-10 a.m.

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