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How To Vote In The Upcoming Election: Candidate Forum On Monday, Oct. 23

Voters lined up for the first day of early voting in October 2020. File image.

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

There are three people running to be mayor of Harrodsburg: Bob Williams, Jennifer Kazimer and Interim Mayor Sam Carr, who is running as a write-in candidate.

There are a few things to for voters to keep track of during the election on Tuesday, Nov. 7. First, the mayor’s office is considered a nonpartisan election. Voting straight ticket in a nonpartisan election will, regardless of the candidate’s political affiliation, be considered an undervote, a vote for nobody.

According to County Clerk Chris Horn and his staff, voters must mark the box next to one candidate’s name in order for their vote to be recorded.

Voters who seek to cast a ballot for a write-in candidate must mark the box indicating that and then fill in the candidate’s name on the ballot. If voters fail to shade in the area indicating they are casting a write-in vote, voting machines will count their ballots as an undervote, according to the clerk’s office.

Instructions on submitting a ballot for a write-in candidate do not constitute an endorsement by this newspaper for anyone. Proper filling out of ballots was a determining factor in the 2018 mayoral election, when the late Art Freeman, who ran a write-in campaign, sued to overturn the results announced on election night. A lot of the votes contained Freeman’s name or some variation of it, but in many cases, the voters had not shaded in the area indicating they were casting a write-in vote, and voting machines did not count their ballots. Circuit Judge Darren Peckler decided those votes should count for Freeman, handing him the election.

Tuesday, Oct. 10, marked the last day to register to vote in the general election, according to the state elections board website.

Voters will get an opportunity to see and hear the views of all three candidates at Mercer County Senior High School (1124 Moberly Road) on Monday, Oct. 23, starting at 7:10 p.m.

Voters may attend in person or listen on WHIR AM 1230 or FM 103.9, and/or streamed audio on WHIR feed and or on the Harrodsburg Herald’s Facebook page.

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