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‘James Harrod: The Battle For Kentucky’ Returns To Old Fort Harrod State Park July 13

The volunteer cast includes performers who have been with the play since the beginning and first-time actors. (Robert Moore/The Harrodsburg Herald)

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

Outdoor drama returns to Old Fort Harrod State Park when the eighth season of “James Harrod: The Battle for Kentucky” begins its three week run on Thursday, July 13. A co-production by the fort and Old and the Friends of Fort Harrod, the play brings to life the founders of the oldest town in Kentucky, including James Harrod and Ann Coburn McDaniel Harrod. Harrodsburg’s first super couple are played again this year by Eric and Sarah Forman.

Not only have the Formans been involved with the play since it began, their daughter Nora has been in the play since she was one week old. Back in 2016, Nora made her debut as a Native American baby being held by her mother, who was playing the Native American role of Dark Star. This year, she will play one of the settlers’ children.

The Harrodsburg Herald/Robert Moore
Eric and Sarah Forman return as James Harrod and Ann McDaniel in “James Harrod: The Battle For Kentucky,” which begins a three-week run at Old Fort Harrod State Park on Thursday, July 13. Their daughter Nora, who plays Nora Pogue, has been a part of the cast since she was one week old.

The Formans are not the only family who have been involved with the outdoor drama since it was first produced in 2012. Samuel Hubbard, who will play James Harrod’s stepson James, joins his family this year In 2018, production was suspended after the state shut down the James Harrod Conference Center due to mold. Production resumed in 2019, but was canceled in 2020 and 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eric Forman said he’s usually exhausted at the end of the season but he’s always glad to come back. As James Harrod, he’s on the stage for nearly every scene and Harrod is always doing something: fighting off Native Americans and rival claimants, getting married and being a new father, navigating the myriad challenges to establish the settlement that will one day bear his name.

The Formans say it’s an honor to bring the story of the Harrod family and the founding of Harrodsburg. They invite the public to join them.

“It’s going to be a great show,” Forman said. “We can’t wait to see you there.”

Tickets for “James Harrod: The Battle for Kentucky” are $10 for adults, $9 for seniors and $8 for children. This year, they are offering a special $2 group discount each week. In the first week, the discount goes to first responders, nurses, doctors and educators.

The Harrodsburg Herald/Robert Moore
Javan Jones plays a Native America warrior leading a raid against the settlers in the outdoor drama.

On the second week, it will be factory and manufacturing workers. On the third week it will be service and hospitality industry workers. To qualify, all you need to do is show an ID at the gate for reduced admission.

Performances of “James Harrod: The Battle for Kentucky” start Thursday, July 13. Subsequent performances are scheduled for Friday, July 14; Saturday, July 15; Thursday, July 20; Friday, July 21; Saturday, July 22; Thursday, July 27; Friday, July 28; and concludes Saturday, July 29. All performances are scheduled to start at 8 p.m. at Old Fort Harrod State Park’s James Harrod Amphitheater (100 South College Street).

Call 859-734-3314 for ticket information or visit the park’s Facebook page.

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