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Olivia Tribble Inspires With Floral Hall Success At The Mercer County Fair

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Olivia Tribble with her first place plaques for burley tobacco from the Kentucky State Fair and the Mercer County Fair in 2021.

Lane Hall
Herald Staff

Olivia Tribble put her first entry in the Floral Hall at only 4-years-old, following in the footsteps of her family and she hasn’t looked back. Twelve years and a ton of ribbons later, Tribble has made it a tradition to not only win, but to do so at the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show.

She says consistently coming back to Mercer is “definitely a comfort” and calls the environment a “great learning experience for the youth of Mercer County.” She took after her older brothers in the beginning, but once she started winning prizes, the competition took on a different meaning.

“I enjoyed seeing my entries winning prizes, and feeling more confident on the items that I won ribbons on, and humble on the ones that didn’t win.” She feels a sense of encouragement seeing all of her work being appreciated.

But Tribble isn’t in it for the prizes alone, she’s also very proud of the work she puts into her family farm behind the scenes of the competition from helping with all the seasons of tobacco to tending to the vegetables.

She loves helping her dad around the farm on a daily basis and constantly learning new things she can put towards the competition and her life in general.

She prides herself on working for what she has.

“I’m thankful that at the Mercer County Fair I get to share with others so they can enjoy a little bit of God’s creation. If I can inspire anyone to appreciate life by my drawings and by our crops, then I would say that is what I enjoy most about my entries in the fair.”

Now 16-years-old, Olivia has no intention of stopping anytime soon, and will continue to showcase her work and inspire those who look on. She urges everyone to “get out of your comfort zone and show your God-given talents.” She’ll be at the Mercer County fair this year with one of her floral hall entries.

Pre-registration is required for all floral hall entries at Check in is Monday, July 25, by appointment. For more information, contact the Mercer County Extension Services at 859-734-4378. The floral hall is open to the public 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5-9 p.m. Tuesday through Friday at the Stables on the Mercer County Fairgrounds (560 Linden Avenue).

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