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Play it again, Sam

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Sam Baughman’s senior season’s goal is simple: Win.

April Ellis

Herald Staff

Life rarely gives second chances, but students across the Commonwealth were granted a do-over after losing most of the in-person school year to COVID. After the state legislature voted to allow students to repeat the year, senior Sam Baughman opted to take part. While he started for the Mercer County Senior High basketball and baseball teams, Baughman’s choice to redo his senior had more to do with academics than athletics.

Baughman has taken most of the advanced placement (AP) and dual credit courses the high school offers, while maintaining a perfect, unweighted 4.0 grade point average. His ACT score was 30, which would thrill most high school students, but Baughman knew a score of 31 would open a lot more doors for full ride academic scholarships. So, he stayed and studied.

“I decided to come back to prepare for the ACT and raise my score. In September, I scored a 33, and I am now eligible for high-level competitive scholarships,” said Baughman.

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