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Walmart Evacuated While Firefighters Put Out Fire At Auto Service Center

Walmart was evacuated while firefighters with the Harrodsburg Fire Department put out a fire at the auto service center. The fire is now out and firefighters are cleaning up.

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

Firefighters have put out a fire at the Harrodsburg Walmart.

The Harrodsburg Fire Department was called in at approximately 9:45 a.m. about a fire next to the auto care center, which is located towards the rear of Walmart. The store was evacuated while firefighters put out the blaze. No one was hurt, firefighters say.

The fire started outside the door to the auto care center. It took approximately 45 minutes to be extinguished.

Three fire engines responded to the fire. Officers from the Harrodsburg Police Department and Mercer County Sheriff’s Office were also on the scene.

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