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Nutrition is key to healthy lifestyle according to Buchanan


Jennifer Marsh
Herald Staff

New Years resolutions commonly involve healthy lifestyle changes such as exercise and weight loss and despite the chaos of 2020,  it made the top 10 list of most common resolutions again for 2021 according to Healthy Living Magazine. Stephanie Buchanan of a Faster Way to Fat Loss says people should focus on nourishment in 2021 instead of punishment.

“The pandemic and isolation due to the lockdown of 2020 has led many to fall victim to emotional eating, stress eating and mindless eating out of boredom,” said Buchanan. “Weight gain and bad eating habits became the norm during quarantine. Gyms being closed for a long period of time didn’t help either. So where do we go from here in our pursuit of health in the new year?”

Buchanan said a focus on nutrition and over all health is better than fad diets and extreme exercising.

“Whether it is weight loss in 2021 that is your goal or just getting healthier, nutrition is 90 percent of the game, folks. As much as we would like to think the new treadmill or Peloton bike is the answer, it is not,” said Buchanan. “There is no amount of working out that is going to work off the garbage we eat. The food we put into our body matters. Prepackaged convenience food that has hard to pronounce ingredients is what so many of us gravitate towards. These foods are highly palatable and low in nutrients. These foods zap our energy and make us feel sluggish and they keep us up at night with heartburn and indigestion.”

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