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Proceed With Caution: Adds Four-Way Stop And Agrees To Close Railroad Crossing

The Harrodsburg Herald/Robert Moore
City workers warn a motorist about new stop signs at the intersection of Dedman Street and Beaumont Avenue.

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

If you think you know Harrodsburg like you know the back of your hand, you might want to proceed with caution when you drive downtown. On Monday, the Harrodsburg City Commission voted to add a four-way stop on Beaumont Avenue and to close the railroad crossing on Broadway Street.

Saying they wanted to slow down traffic on Beaumont Avenue, the city commission voted to install the stop signs at the intersection of Dedman Street, Aspen Hall Court and Beaumont Avenue. Mayor Art Freeman, who lives on Beaumont, said the suggestion came from his neighbors.

“If you save one person from an accident or getting hurt and killed, you’ve done your job,” said Commissioner Charlie Mattingly, who moved to install the signs.

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  1. Michael on November 11, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    Wow!! In an elite neighborhood, hmmmm! What about other neighborhoods that have this same issue? Oh…..Harrodsburg doesn’t have the manpower or resources to monitor every neighborhood. But in an elite area of town a few neighbors of the mayor make a suggestion, BAM signs go up!

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