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Correction To The COVID-19 Outbreak Published on Thursday, Sept. 24

Correction: Yesterday, the Harrodsburg Herald posted an online story about COVID-19 infections in Mercer County. The story accurately reported information made available by the Kentucky Department of Public Health on their COVID-19 website. Going by the state website, we reported there were 20 infections and three deaths from COVID-19 connected to the Isaiah House Lisa Walker Rehab Facility in Mercer County. Mark LaPalme, CEO and founder of Isaiah House, disputed this information, saying there had been a maximum of eight infections, including an August outbreak of five infections at the Lisa Walker facility, which was closed for one week for a deep cleaning, and no deaths. After an inquiry, we received word from the KDPH earlier today that the number of deaths in their report was wrong due to a typographical error. There were no deaths at the Lisa Walker facility. We  have removed all references to Isaiah House from the original story and are issuing this correction to set the record straight.

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