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Korean Vet Albert Taylor To Receive Peace Medal

Albert Taylor posed for a photo with the other members of his outfit in Korea. (Image submitted).

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

Harrodsburg native Albert Taylor will be the recipient of the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal this Sunday, July 12, at 2 p.m. This commemorative medal is an expression of appreciation from the Korean government to United States servicemen and women who served in the Korean War.

The medal was originally presented to veterans who returned to South Korea through the Revisit Program. The honor has since expanded to veterans who cannot travel to Korea.

Taylor served in the Korean War from 1950-52 and spent five years in the US Army Reserves.

“I spent 14 months on the front lines,” said Taylor. “It was hard times.”

Albert Taylor (left) with his friend Nick Fierro in Korea in 1952. Taylor will receive the Korean Ambassador of Peace Medal Sunday, July 12, at Harrodsburg Baptist Church. (Image submitted).

Taylor is very humble about his service and receiving this new medal.

“I am not sure what all this is about,” said Taylor. “I spoke at a library event and Ms. Short asked me for my DD214 and here we are. “

Taylor has spent his life here in Harrodsburg. Married with six children, he is a deacon at First Baptist Church of Harrodsburg, where the award ceremony will be held.

Although Taylor is very honored to receive this new medal, he felt as though his brother in arms needed to be honored as well.

“My time (in war), it was hard. I was saved many times and I saved others a time or two. It was what we did,” said Taylor. “I met a guy in Korea who was assigned to my platoon. His name was Nick Fierro. We were more than friends, we were brothers.”

Taylor said he and Fierro stayed close and in touch until Feirro passed away this past May.

“I was once blown out of a bunker and Nick came and found me. He wasn’t in the bunker but he came looking for me when he heard the sound,” said Taylor. “He saved me many times.”

Taylor said his faith has driven him through his life and credited God and a Bible for saving his life as well.

“I was once surrounded by mortars with shrapnel going every where,” said Taylor. “I carried the pocket Bible my mother gave me in my pocket and it caught a large piece of shrapnel that could have gone straight into my heart.”

Reverend Virgil Hill of First Baptist of Harrodsburg said he is honored to speak during Taylor’s medal ceremony this Sunday.

“Through his life journey I think it is interesting that he has returned to his home church from one grace to another,” said Hill. “ He is 92- years-old and his story is still able to be told and even honored. He is a senior deacon and inspiration through his leadership.”


  1. Margaret E. Felder on July 13, 2020 at 10:34 pm

    I am one of Albert Lee’s 1st cousin. Wish I had known sooner. However, I am very proud of this gentle, giant of a man and glad he’s getting ‘his flowers’ while he can enjoy them. To God be the glory for keeping him safe & returning him home. Love you cousin,
    Margaret E. Felder
    Lexington, KY

  2. Johan & Barbara Onnink on December 6, 2020 at 1:55 pm

    To the late Mr. Nick Fierro and family. We will never forget everything you have done to keep our country safe and free for us and for future generations. We live in the land of the free because of the brave. Thank you for being our friend. And thank you Mr. Albert Lee for your service, You both deserve the Korean Ambassador of Peace Medal

    We love you all,
    Barbara & Johan Onnink
    Kirkland, WA

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