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State Sets Guidelines For Reopening

Some Local Businesses Set To Reopen May 11

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

Some local businesses will begin reopening this Monday, but they will have to comply with state rules.

On Monday, May 11, the state will allow certain businesses to reopen. Those include manufacturing, distribution and supply chain businesses; construction; vehicle or vessel dealerships; pet care, including grooming and pet boarding; and photography.

In addition, horse racing will be allowed—with no fans in attendance—and office-based businesses will be allowed to reopen at 50-percent of their pre-pandemic capacity.

However, to reopen, businesses must abide by the following rules, as well as any industry specific guidance.

  1. Continue telework where possible.
  2. Phased return to work.
  3. Enforce social distancing.
  4. Limit face-to-face interaction.
  5. Universal masks and any other necessary PPE.
  6. Adequate Hand Sanitizer and Encouraging Hand Washing.
  7. Restrict Common Areas.
  8. Proper sanitation.
  9. Conduct daily temperature/health checks.
  10. Create a testing plan.
  11. Make special accommodations.
  12. Designate a “Healthy at Work” Officer.
  13. Educate and Train Employees.
  14. Contact Tracing.

Businesses must ensure that any employee with COVID-19 symptoms is tested by a health care provider immediately.

If any business fails to comply with state guidance, they can be reported to KYSAFER at 833- KYSAFER or

Gov. Beshear has announced a partnership with the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Kentucky Distillers’ Association to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizer to small businesses.

The Cabinet for Economic Development and the Chamber have purchased 200,000 three-ply masks that are available for Kentucky businesses. The masks can be purchased for $1 each at

In addition, Kentucky’s distillers are providing hand sanitizer. Businesses in need can visit and put in a request to purchase sanitizer.

So far, they’ve donated more than 150,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to our health care providers.

On May 20, retail outlets and houses of worship will be allowed to reopen at reduced capacity.

On May 25, barbers, salons, cosmetology businesses and similar services and 10-person social gatherings will be allowed.

Among the businesses that will not be reopening to the public in May are restaurants, gyms and movie theaters.

The governor said public schools and summer camps are not included in either phase I or II of the reopening plan. He said they are hoping to be able to do something in June. He said he hopes to be able to reopen daycares sometime in June, but they are not included in phase I because it’s impossible to maintain social distancing at daycare. He also said he hopes they can open some youth sports in July.

Beshear said reopening plans for government agencies and libraries are still in the works. he said the state is concentrating on May 11 first.

While the governor insists that he believes the number of new cases has plateaued, he stressed that people need to follow the state guidelines.

“Until there’s a vaccine, we’ll never be able to do 100-percent of what we used to do,” Beshear said.

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