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Harrodsburg prepares for 250th

Kentucky starts here: New brand and a new non-profit agency

Jennifer Marsh
Herald Staff

Tony Dunbar, chairman of the Harrodsburg’s 250th birthday committee, presented the city with a new logo and slogan back in July and has been preparing the organization to launch it since.

The 250th birthday committee was formed back in April and held public meetings to gather ideas.

“We saw an opportunity to put a whole new face on the City of Harrodsburg and the surrounding community,” said Dunbar.

Austin Dunbar of Durham Brand and Company in Covington, to create the logo. Austin Dunbar is Tony Dunbar’s son. He also works on branding for Budweiser, Fat Tire and Proctor and Gamble, among others.

While Austin Dunbar designed the logo, the slogan “Kentucky Starts Here” was dreamed up by local accountant Noel Turner.

“We wanted the new city logo and slogan to be inspirational and aspirational,” said Dunbar. “We are an official non-profit organization with a 501-C3. We don’t want to be done in five years.”

Dunbar said the 250th birthday is just the beginning. The organization plans to help brand and market Harrodsburg indefinitely.

The logo and brand are trademarked and can be a unified identity for our town,” said Dunbar. “We are hoping to have license plates and more with it.”

Terri Bradshaw, economic developer for the City of Harrodsburg recommended a unified identity in her plan.

Dunbar said the committee plans to hold monthly events leading up to the 250th birthday starting in January 2024.

“We have several signature events in Harrodsburg. We want to incorporate those events plus a few more to build excitement for the birthday,” said Dunbar. “Planning is still in the infancy stage but we are making progress.”

Dunbar said several organizations and over 70 volunteers have already signed up to help with the events.

Donations for the organization can now be accepted and mailed to Harrodsburg’s 250th  at PO Box 489, Harrodsburg, KY 40330.

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