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In the Know: Pam Sims

Thoughts And Goals From Community Leaders

Pam Sims

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

(Editor’s note: This is a weekly series interviewing community leaders to share their thoughts and goals for the community.)

Pam Sims is the president of Mercer Transformation and senior pastor of Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church.

Born in Gary, Indiana, Sims traveled a good bit since her father was in the service.

“I was called here to Mercer County by the church in 1998,” said Sims. “I took a job as a personal assistant for celebration of Hope Ministry.”

Sims was ordained in 2001 through the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Church and served as secretary for the Mercer County Ministerial Association.

“I am still involved in the Ministerial Association and I try to be an active volunteer wherever I can be of service,” said Sims. “I believe in a life of service.”

Sims became involved with Mercer Transformation as a community volunteer in 2001.

“Mercer Transformation was originally called Bridges, with the goal of getting children involved in the community,” said Sims. “ In 2004 the kids stopped coming to the programs, so we decided to devote our efforts in big concerts and events to get people interested.”

Sims said the organizations goal was to help the community and in 2015 they started the tutoring initiative.

“The tutoring program has been wonderful and has become our signature program,” said Sims. “We really want to be a one stop shop for service in Mercer County.”

Recently, Mercer Transformation started holding Celebrate Recovery meetings every Saturday evening.

“So many churches are helping with Celebrate Recovery,” said Sims. “The program is well received.”

Sims said Unity in the community has always been a motivation for her.

“Everything I have done is for the goal of unity,” said Sims. “In every aspect of service I try to include unity as the goal.”

Sims said in addition to tutoring and Celebrate Recovery, big plans are on the horizon at Mercer Transformation.

“We are going to put together some events,” said Sims. “The events will hopefully be put together for next spring. Right now, we have a seminar on “Sex Trafficking in Kentucky,” scheduled for Monday, Oct. 7, at 7 p.m. at the Lions Club.”

Sims said the seminar is for adults only. She hopes the information shared in the seminar will help prevent trafficking.

“Everything is better when we all work together in a common goal,” said Sims. “Together anything can be accomplished.”

For more information visit the Mercer Transformation Facebook page.

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