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CU-Harrodsburg Builds New Athletic Facilities

Campbellsville University-Harrodsburg is building an athletic facility which they hope will be completed in early winter of this year. The facility will be home to the men’s and women’s basketball programs. The university also hopes to construct a full-sized track and field facility as well as a soccer field.

Sam Warren

Herald Staff

The Conover Education Center has changed the face of the south side of Harrodsburg, but the Campbellsville University satellite campus is not done yet.

CU-Harrodsburg is building a state of the art sports facility off of Legion Drive just behind Kroger. Along with athletic offices and classrooms, the building will include a basketball court; the new home of the CU-Harrodsburg men’s and women’s basketball teams. The facility is already under construction and is due to be completed early this upcoming winter. The Tigers plan to play their opening home game on their new home floor.

CU-Harrodsburg is bringing many opportunities to athletes in the central Kentucky area and Harrodsburg especially. They have announced that along with men’s and women’s varsity and junior varsity basketball, Harrodsburg will now have cheerleading, cross country  and golf teams. A soccer team is planned to begin in the fall of the 2020-2021 academic year.

Along with the basketball facility, new dorms and Starbucks/Steak ‘n Shake combo on campus, CU-Harrodsburg plans to construct a full-sized, competition worthy track and field facility, as well as a soccer field.

Campbellesville plans to pave a road from their facilities and dorms off of Conover Drive to their main campus on Danville Road.

CU-Harrodsburg Athletic Director Dalton Christopher is very excited about all the great things coming to his hometown of Harrodsburg, and knows what this could mean for the people of Harrodsburg.

”For me, it’s definitely exciting, but it is a lot of hometown pride as well, I grew up here. Harrodsburg has always been something very personal to me,” said Christopher.

CU-Harrodsburg athletics have changed a great deal since the beginning of Christopher’s tenure. This past winter was the first full season for the CU-Harrodsburg Tigers men’s and women’s basketball teams.

The men’s team was composed of one senior and the rest freshmen. The total number of students enrolled, who participate in athletics, has grown from 15 two years ago, to an expected 115 this fall.

The next step was having facilities that you can call your own, something unique to Harrodsburg, and now the Tigers have that.

“It’s really important because any college team wants to have their own home court to defend. For us to have a brand new home gym and a brand new home court, it just shows the growth of our athletic program and the hard work of the guys and girls competing on it. We’re really excited about it and I’m excited for our teams to get to play on it and defend Harrodsburg,” said Christopher.

Christopher takes pride in his staff, the hard work they have put forth, and has made it his goal to put Harrodsburg on the map in terms of athletics, and the state of the art facilities are just the beginning.

“We know it’s new, we know it’s something that has never been done before in this area, but I think Harrodsburg can be competitive on a national scale, and to be in a leadership position over that is something I take very seriously, and something I’m extremely proud of,” said Christopher.

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