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In the Know: Burgin Fire Chief Lewis Sexton

Thoughts And Goals From Community Leaders

Burgin Fire Chief Lewis Sexton said his department not only protects Burgin, but, as a substation for the Mercer County Fire Protection District, covers a territory stretching from the U.S. 127 bypass all the way to Herrington Lake.

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

Lewis Sexton, chief of the Burgin Fire Department, is native to not only Burgin but the life of a firefighter. Raised in a family full of firemen, he said it was natural for him to pursue a life of service.

“My father, grandfather, brother, and cousins are all firemen who have volunteered here at one time or another,” said Sexton. “The people that volunteer don’t volunteer for the paycheck, they are here to help other people.”

Sexton said the department has a great group of volunteers but are always looking for more help and new members.

“The fire department is very family oriented,” said Sexton. “We have meals after training sessions, cookouts in the summer to bring all the families together and the members are friends outside of the department as well.”

Sexton said some people may be confused by the size of the Burgin Fire Department.

“They see the large building and all of the equipment in the small city of Burgin and ask why it’s here,” said Sexton. “Burgin also serves as Station six for the Mercer County Fire Protection District and the volunteers also cover Substation 14 at Herrington Lake in the Chimney Rock area.”

The Burgin company’s territory covers everything from the rock quarry to the Boyle County line and from Herrington Lake to Dix Dam Road, he said.

“We operate as one department,” Sexton said. “We all work together and try not to separate Burgin from the Fire District.”

For goals, Sexton said he would like to maintain the volunteers and the equipment the department already has.

“Our people are great but they have busy lives and we want to keep them active in the department, so the goal is to take care of our current volunteers and add new ones,” said Sexton.

“The department is a fun place to volunteer, and we are unique due to the two departments and the added equipment,” Sexton said.

In the long term, Sexton said he would like to see the replacement of older equipment. He said he is appreciative of the great support the department has received from the City of Burgin.

“All the administrations have been very supportive of the Fire Department,” said Sexton. “Mayor Dale Turner bought our last truck and we have another over 25 years old.”

Sexton said the department would like everyone to have a safe summer encourages everyone to wear their life jackets at the lake.

“Be careful and be smart,” said Sexton. “Especially at the lake.”

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  1. William A. Robinson on May 30, 2019 at 4:55 am

    I would to admitt that I’ve had problems of a personal nature in the past and the Burgin Fire Department has always been a help to me but I know they are an asset to the city of Burgin. They do a wonderful job and they are a very caring group of people. People don’t understand what goes on behind the scenes of their local fire department. We need to appreciate our public service men or women more.

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