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City Of Burgin Purchases Property To Build A Park

The Burgin City Council has agreed to purchase the property at 308 Main Street in order to create a city park.

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

The City of Burgin called a special meeting on Wednesday, May 22, to approve the purchase of 308 Main Street for the purpose of turning the property into a city park. The council voted to buy the house and lot for $60,000, according to Mayor Caldwell.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring this to the citizens of Burgin. It is something the we have needed for a long time,”  Caldwell said. “We are ready to go through the closing process on the property and are just waiting on an attorney.”

The mayor said he hopes to have the park with a playground and bathrooms within two years but an official timeline has not been determined.

“Parks are adaptable for communities,” said Caldwell. “We have plans that we would like to see done but with any park it is never really done.”

He said the city is purchasing the property with money drawn from the general fund and it will not impact budget discussions since they are still working off last year’s budget.

“I would like the park to have a stage and place for Burgin festivals,” said Caldwell. “We hadn’t intended on doing something so quickly but the property became available and we felt we had to act.”

For more information call the City of Burgin at 748- 5220.

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