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County Residents Will Soon Get A Look at Proposed Address Changes

While most of the addresses which will be affected are located in the county, the Harrodsburg Herald, which is located at 101 West Broadway, is one of the few addresses in the city that may be affected.

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

After two years, Mercer County residents will soon get their first look at who might need to change their address.

Bluegrass Area Development District has provided county officials with a list of addresses that will need to be revised because the address number does not correspond to the property’s location on a given street.

County officials have called revising the addresses a “safety issue.”

“It’s all for safety,” said Judge-Executive Milward Dedman. “First responders need to be able to find people.”

Two years ago, when the Mercer County Fiscal Court first approved studying changing addresses, Bluegrass ADD said there are 70 addresses on Mackville Road that don’t work.

The county has not taken any action on changing addresses.

Magistrate Tim Darland said it was vital to get the word out about the possible changes well before making any moves.

“We need to get that out there,” Darland said.

Look for next week’s issue of the Harrodsburg Herald for a story on the possible address changes.

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