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Facebook Group Shares Harrodsburg History

Dalton Christopher

Herald Staff

When Buddy Burton was asked to take over a Facebook group involving his hometown of Harrodsburg, he couldn’t resist. Burton’s group, “You know you grew up in Harrodsburg if you remember..”, has grown to hold more than 2,000 members. The ability to share memories and photos from Harrodsburg’s past is something Burton holds dear.

“Seeing all the history of what our fair city has put out,” Burton said as he explained his favorite part of the group. “Looking back at the moments and memories of what the city offered.”

Burton resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will always call Harrodsburg home. He and his sister were both born and raised in town and his mother and father are both from the area.

Over time everything changes, and the group allows members to share memories of how things were in the past. When asked what the most surprising thing he has seen shared on the group was, Burton mentioned the Twin Hills Drive In.

“The one I remember was seeing the concrete screen in shambles after it was torn down,” Burton recalled. “So many memories of going to watch movies and seeing the fireworks go off. I do miss those memories.”

Many residents share the same sentiment as Burton, being able to share photos of missed memories are among the many reasons people join the group. Another reason is to fill in missing information. Jerry Sampson said one of his favorite parts of the group is how it has become an online Harrodsburg history course.

“I love being able to ask questions on things I don’t know, it’s a collective history class,” Sampson said.

One example Sampson gives is a photo of Ben Wilson on Main Street. Nearly a year after being posted, it continues to get new comments and likes.

To join the group and share memories of your own,  go to or search for “You know you grew up in Harrodsburg if you remember.”

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This rare photo of the famous horseman Ben Wilson standing on Main Street in front of what was then Graves Jewelers was shared by Jerry Sampson .

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