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The Traveling Branch is on the move

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

Jerry Sampson seemed impressed with the Mercer County Public Library’s new bookmobile. “I like your new digs,” Sampson told Book mobile Librarian Trisha Brown. (Photo by Robert Moore)

The Traveling Branch is on the move again.

The Mercer County Public Library’s new bookmobile will be on the road starting Monday.

On Friday, the public got their first look at the bookmobile, which is decorated with an enormous picture of the Osage orange tree at Old Fort Harrod State Park.

Trisha Brown has been the bookmobile librarian for six years. Brown said she has eight routes. She runs each one twice a month, visiting nursing homes, the senior citizens center and daycare centers.

“Most of the time I go to people’s homes,” she said.

Most of her clients are elderly. Many suffer from macular degeneration and are unable to travel. Brown brings them audio books. What do they read?

“It’s a little hodgepodge of everything,” she said. Magazines, DVDs, paperbacks and audiobooks. Adult fiction and nonfiction. Children’s books and board books.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but Brown said she’s been on the bookmobile so long she can tell just by the cover who will read a book.

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