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$1,000 Reward for Two Grinches Who Stole Family’s Christmas

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office is searching for two men caught on camera breaking into a home on Christmas Eve.

Renee and David Richmond returned to their home on Talmage Mayo Road after spending Christmas at her mother’s when they learned about the burglary.

“We opened the garage door and noticed it right then,” Renee Richmond said.

The couple have a security system programmed to alert them when there is movement inside their house. But the internet was down at her mother’s home, Richmond said.

“You have to be in an area where you can use your phone or wi-fi,” she said.

The couple have pictures of the holiday homebreakers, who entered the Richmonds’ home by busting through a door.

“It took a lot to get through that door,” she said. “A lot.”

Deputies believe the burglars were in the Richmonds’ home on Talmage Mayo Road for more than two hours. They stole flat-screen TVs, jewelry, tools and a compressor, among other items.

They also left a mess for the couple to clean up, Richmond said.

“Clothes were strewn everywhere and every drawer was pulled out,” Richmond recalled. “They got what they could carry.”

She said she’s shared the pictures of the burglars on Facebook more than 900 times.

“I’ll keep sharing it until they’re arrested,” she said.

The couple say they won’t give up until the thieves are brought to justice.

“We’re not stopping until we catch them,” Richmond said.

A $1,000 reward has been offered. Anyone with information is asked to call the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office at 734-6209.

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