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Fort Harrod Beef Festival Stampede 5K

Austin Anderson earned the fastest time Friday at 16:44.

Over 90 runners took to Anderson-Dean Community Park Friday to compete in the Fort Harrod Beef Festival Stampede 5k run and walk. 

Listed below are the place finished, name and time of each of the 91 runners.

1st, Austin Anderson, 16:44; 2nd, Kevin Maples, 20:24; 3rd, Keith Stillwell, 20:47; 4th, Morgan Bottoms, 21:32; 5th, Mark Reichert, 21:37; 6th, Brent Sizemore, 21:48; 7th, Brian Thompson, 22:02; 8th, Jason Todd, 22:20; 9th, Mark Morgan, 22:37; 10th, F-Kimberly Hamilton, 23:17; 11th, William Davis, 23:25; 12th, Bryan Bradshaw, 24:01; 13th, Mike Woodrum, 24:07; 14th, Charlie Hall, 24:23; 15th, Dona Daughtery, 24:36; 16th, Mark Stratton, 24:42; 17th, Troy Von 24:46; 18th, Ricky Lane, 25:06; 19th, Justin Cason, 25:15; 20th, Tim Robinson, 25:21; 21st, Larry Vaught, 25:43; 22nd, Amanda Lewis, 25:50; 23rd, Gereard Perkins, 26:13; 24th, Amy Thompson, 27:24; 25th, Ann Wilkinson, 27:39; 26th, Bobbie Perkins, 28:32; 27th, Amanda Brandenburg, 29:07; 28th, Mark Craig, 29:50; 30th, Elijah Profitt, 30:26; 31st, Sharon Shepard, 30:41; 32nd, Renita Leffew, 30:49; 33rd, Jennifer Holman, 31:00; 34th, Arlen Finke, 31:11; 35th, Brenda Wilson, 31:20; 36th, Cameron Cain, 31:52; 37th, Corban Profitt, 31:56; 38th, Channing Lewis, 31:57; 39th, Cathy Davis, 32:34; 40th, Amy Nichols, 32:38;

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