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Mercer Sheriff’s Office Warns About Fake Deputy Calls

HPD Also Warning About Scam Callers

Image: MCSO.

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about a scammer using the name of a former deputy calling people and telling them they have outstanding warrants for their arrest.

The calls are made by someone claiming to be “Matt Swabby.” The caller claims warrants have been issued for the recipient’s arrest and leaves a number for their confidential voice mail.

Brooke Williams, a clerk at the MCSO, said they received four complaints so far. Williams said she tried the number herself, and heard a recording of someone with what she suspects as a New Jersey accent claiming to be “Swabby.”

Sgt. Matt Swabey—note the spelling—formerly served with the MCSO, but Williams said he left for a job in Nicholasville about a year ago. Swabey also does not have a New Jersey accent.

The sheriff’s office is not really sure what the caller’s end goal is.

“No one has actually talked to him,” Williams said. However, they believe the call is a scam. The MCSO is warning the public that a deputy will not call you on the phone to inform you that you have a warrant.

“We’re letting people know what’s going on,” Williams said.

What should you do if you receive a message from “Matt Swabby?” “Don’t call him back,” Williams said.

In a recent Facebook post, the Harrodsburg Police Department said they are also dealing with a high number of scam-related calls, mostly targeting the elderly.  The HPD said they have had two instances the last few weeks, including one case where an individual was asked to send $120,000 over the phone to an individual claiming to be “Eric Wilson,” a representative from Norton Anti-Virus, attempted to convince an elderly woman to send money to an account in Hong Kong, China.
Scams claiming to be from Norton, currently known as Norton LifeLock, are common. At the company’s website, they said Norton or LifeLock will never ask anyone to wire money or pay through gift cards or money orders.

In another incident, the HPD said an elderly woman was asked to purchase $700 worth of Google Playstore Giftcards by someone claiming to represent PayPay. The scammer had the woman scratch off the numbers and read them over the phone. The HPD said the scammer threatened the victim not to tell anyone.

If something doesn’t sound right or you are unfamiliar with a business or account they are claiming you have in your name, the HPD warns that it is more than likely a scam. The police are asking everyone to be aware and look after at risk family members or friends who may fall victim.

The Better Business Bureau serving Greater Kentucky and South Central Indiana recently reported a Facebook Messenger scam. A person trying to sell a crib on Facebook was contacted by someone claiming to be an interested buyer, who said the seller needed to upgrade their Venmo account before the transaction could be completed. The BBB is warning this is a scam. If anyone tells you you need to upgrade your Venmo account to a “business account” before you can complete a transaction, do not continue to interact with them.

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