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Trevon Faulkner’s Storied Run To The NCAA Tournament With NKU

The Harrodsburg Herald/Will Carpenter
NKU’s Trevon Faulkner helps direct his teammates on defense in their opening round game against Houston.

Casey Roberts
Herald Staff

March Madness is a time of year when the sports world in Kentucky goes wild. Every March. From high schoolers trying to live their dreams by playing in Rupp arena, to college athletes battling it out on a national platform, everyone is ready to cheer on their team and prove they have what it takes to win. It’s an exciting time of year that brings together players from all levels of competition and unites them under one common goal, winning the championship. The stakes are high as each team strives for victory, delivering thrilling moments throughout the month-long event. No matter who you root for or where you’re watching from, March Madness in Kentucky promises plenty of excitement with every game.

Mercer’s own Trevon Faulkner experienced firsthand both the joys and heartbreaks the madness can bring at both the high school and college levels. Faulkner’s potential was clearly evident from a young age, as he began dressing varsity while still in middle school. As a seventh grader he appeared in four games but did not record any points. However, that soon changed.

The Harrodsburg Herald/Will Carpenter
NKU’s Trevon Faulkner was held by a Houston defender in the Norse opening round game in the NCAA Men’s Tournament.

As an eighth grader, Faulkner was the third leading scorer for the Titans. Once again his seven points per game was just a foreshadow of his talents.

One offseason and a massive growth spurt later, Faulkner transformed into the game changer his peers and coaches knew he was destined to be. As a freshman, Faulkner recorded 539 points, averaged 17 points per game and led Mercer to their first 46th district championship in four years. More importantly he helped spearhead the campaign that took Mercer from near the bottom of the 12th region standings to an appearance in the 12th region tournament semifinals.

Although the Titans did not reach their overall goal of winning the region championship in the 2014-2015 season, Faulkner cemented his status as one of the best in the region and put everyone on notice. This was evident by Lincoln County’s senior guard saying “We knew as seniors Trevon was a huge threat and we couldn’t let him get comfortable or he could hurt us. So even with him being a freshman we made it a point to not let him get open looks because we felt even as a freshman he was capable of putting Mercer in situations to win big games,” said Lincoln County’s Timothy Taylor.

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