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Planning And Zoning Commission Approves Boutique Lumber Mill

Two New Members Join Commission

Portable sawmill image by Jakethrelkeld via Wikimedia Commons.

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

The Harrodsburg-Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission welcomed two new members and approved a preliminary plat for a proposed residential development and a boutique lumber mill in Salvisa.

After the two newest planning and zoning commissioners—Lucas Guinn and Bonnie Anglin—were sworn in, the commission approved a revised preliminary plat for Daynabrook Acres phase I submitted by North Mercer Development for the creation of 15 residential lots totaling 25.21 acres. The property is located on Talmage Mayo Road and zoned A3 (small community agricultural).

When the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 7 refused to sign off on encroachment permits for the development, the developers revised the plan so that there would be one entranceway on Gracelynn Circle.

Two lots in the development were flagged after the road was removed because of road frontage issues.
The minimum road frontage in A3 districts is 150 feet, according to Shawn Moore, the executive director of planning and zoning.

“I don’t see how they approved all the driveways but only approved one entrance,” Commissioner Jim McGlone said.

“To me it’s unsafe not to have that second entrance way,” Moore said.

Despite his misgivings, McGlone moved to approve the variance for the flagged lots. His motion passed unanimously.

The developers are currently working on the necessary bonds. Final plats may be submitted by next month, they say.

The planning and zoning commission also approved a site plan for B&N Sawmill and Kiln submitted by Gary Neat to construct two 2,400 square foot structures on US 127 in Salvisa. The property is zoned A3.

The development–which includes an indoor sawmill, lumber storage and retail location–would be located on the right side of US 127 just south of Family Affair.

The commissioners asked about storage of the lumber and waste disposal. Neat said everything will be disposed of properly.

The mill, which was described as a craft mill, would deal in high end furniture grade lumber like walnut, cherry and oak. Neat said there would be no chemicals involved in drying.

Neat said he bought a Wood Miser unit built in Georgia. He said they bought out an existing business in Anderson County where he had been a customer for close to 20 years. Lumber mills are an allowed use on A3.

“It’s a portable mill but it won’t be operated as a portable mill,” Neat said. “Lumber will be sourced locally.”

He said there will be one employee plus the two partners, who work after hours and on weekends.

The next meeting of the Harrodsburg-Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission will be Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 5:30 p.m.

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