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Students lead podcast featuring community leaders

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

Titan Talk is a podcast where Mercer Central High School Students interview local leaders and more. 

“We have interviewed Mayor Art Freeman as well as others,” said David Sullivan, a teacher at Mercer Central. “We have Alvis Johnson scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 13 and Wes Carter for Friday, Feb. 21.”

The podcasts are posted to Mercer Central’s YouTube account. 

“It is a five day process leading up to the interviews,” said Sullivan. “The kids research each person, come up with questions, write a script and prepare music.”

Sullivan said they also practice before each podcast. 

“This 60 second hot seat is the most popular,” said Sullivan. “The interviewee is given 20 seconds to answer questions ranging from politics to hot news topics.”

Sullivan said most participants find it fun and entertaining. 

“This is a student led venture,” said Sullivan. “Our goal is to have it completely in the student’s hands.”

He says some editing and technical issues are handled by the staff but most of the work that goes into the podcast is handled by the students.

“A lot of work goes into each podcast,” said Sullivan. “The kids are learning all aspects of communication. Some prefer the technical side and others like to be in front of the camera.”

Keishaun Edwards and Judah Coon are currently the hosts of Titan Talk. The students say putting the podcast together is teaching them new skills.

“I am learning to be more open with the world,” said Edwards. “This podcast is bettering my social skills and making me feel connected.”

 “I am becoming more comfortable being in front of a camera,” said Coon. “I was hesitant at first but now I just roll with it.”

The Titan Talk podcast is linked to the Harrodsburg Herald website. 

For more information, follow Mercer Central on YouTube by clicking here or check out their interview of Mayor Art Freeman here. 

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