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Making A Difference In A Dog’s World

Salvador Paradise gets love from a year old blue heeler mix named Little Girl. Little Girl is available for adoption from the Mercer County Animal Shelter for $120, including shots and spay fees.

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

Making a difference means something different to everyone. To Salvador Paradise it is walking shelter dogs four times a week.

But Paradise doesn’t see it that way.

“I’m just the human the dogs walk,” he joked.

For almost two years, Paradise has devoted himself to helping the shelter. He grew up in Kentucky and worked in social services most his life. He traveled to Florida to help an ailing family member and told everyone he would return to Kentucky for retirement.

Paradise fulfilled that promise and settled in a small apartment in Mercer County and began walking dogs at the shelter for exercise and entertainment.

He brings treats and interacts with the dogs for two hours everyday.

“A friend once told me that what is important in life can be answered by one question: Is the world any different because you were there,” said Paradise. “The dogs I walk, their world is different because I was there.”

Paradise is making a difference at the shelter. Executive Director Wendy Quiggle said Paradise’s contributions are invaluable to the shelter.

“The walks help evaluate temperament and teach the dogs how to behave on a leash,” said Quiggle. “We are grateful that he is here.”

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