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Dark K-9 Sports Making a Splash with New Sport

Austin Cocanougher
Herald Staff

There is a new sport making a splash in Harrodsburg, but it’s not for kids- it’s for dogs. Jason and Heather Suedkamp of Dark K-9 Sports Dog Training in Burgin have expanded their business to open up a brand new dock diving facility that is open to local and regional NADD (North American Diving Dogs) competitions. In addition to these competitive events, their facilities are open for training sessions and rentals. Having just hosted its first official event, Dark K-9 Sports is ready to grow the dock diving sport in Central Kentucky.

But what is dock diving? Dock diving is a fast-growing competitive dog sport, where dogs and owners from all across the country can compete in a variety of events, including distance diving, air retrieving and hydro dash. Owners and dogs will travel across their region, sometimes for up to 7-8 hours, to a hosting site. At the site, there will be a giant pool (between 40-60 feet long) with a specially designed long dock for dogs to run and jump off of.

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