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Zach Lewis Anthony Godbey John Goodlett         Triple J&C BBQ Spicy Sauce         Sydney Demaree         Shewmaker & Johnsons         Shady River Smokers Overall Winners Paper         Shady River Smokers Backyard Griller One Bite Challenge Beef         Robbie & Ashley         Pageant Winner Remmyngton Patton with Mom         Mike Archer Band         Lizzie Nichols         Lacey Dixon         Kelsey Elliott Crowned         Hogtown BBQ Professional Beef Brisket         Happy Hancock Peoples Choice Award         Griffith         Girls 2-4 Kinsley Steele and Barbara Ember Genco and Deanna Cooke Aleah Hoskins winner with Savannah Privett         Girls 0-6 Remmyngton Patton         Elliotts         Diaper Derby Lexie Truman winner with Tammy ALlen and Parker Nesbitt with Ashley and Anna Warren Nesbitt        Davis, Stocker & Rothacker       Community Trust Bank Bank Award     Chuck Nichols     Caleb Bottoms     Cadence Huffman     Brock & Shewmaker     Boys 13-24 Winner Collier Reed and Butler and Jacob Trisler and Jonathan     Boys 7-12 Liam Hill and ZSarah Parker and Ashley Nesbitt Winner Riann Tredoux and Shelby     Boys 0-6 Winner Jackson Hopper and Jay Ryder     Billy Vaught Little Mister     Big Boys BBQ Back Yard Burger
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