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Harrodsburg Mayor Bob Williams: A Closer Look

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New Mayor Bob Williams is a family man who hopes Harrodsburg is able to keep a small town feel, while still progressing and growing new opportunities.

Samuel Warren
Herald Staff

Bob Williams collected 746 votes on election night, Tuesday, Nov. 7, enough to defeat write-in candidate and interim Mayor Sam Carr by just 33 votes.

Williams was born and raised in Russellville, Kentucky, and graduated from Russellville High School in 1976. He ran track and field in high school and specialized in the one and two-mile races. Williams was also a member of the marching band, and played the drums for the school jazz band and the school pep band at basketball games.

“I still drum on my legs and desktops and things of that sort, but nothing formal,” said Williams.

Williams is a fan of all types of music, but he typically prefers bluegrass or classical. He is a friend and former colleague of country music artist Aaron Tippin, who worked with Williams at Logan Aluminum in Epley Station, Logan County. Tippin and Williams worked the same shifts, and Williams believes the country star to be the best welder he has ever seen before he became famous for songs like “Kiss This” and “You’ve Got to Stand for Something.”

“We lifted weights together. I was his training partner when he was training for bodybuilding shows and things of that sort. You can’t tell it now,” Williams joked.

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