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City Awards Contracts For Water And Sewer Improvements

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Robert Moore
Herald Staff

The Harrodsburg City Commission awarded construction contracts at their regular meeting on Monday, Feb. 26, including projects to build new sewer mains and a pump station, to replace water lines and hydrants and to repaint a water tower.
First, the commissioners voted to award a $1.6 million contract for the East Regional Sanitary Sewer, Pump Station and Force Main Project to B&M Pipeline. This project is designed to take the flow off the old downtown system, which causes back-ups, explained Commissioner Kerry Anness, who oversees the Water Treatment Plant and Water and Wastewater Maintenance Department. Anness said they hope to eliminate overflows.

Next, the commission awarded a $2.9 million contract for the Water Main and Hydrant Replacements Project to Frederick & May Construction Company.

“This will replace some aging lines,” Anness said, including 19,000 square feet of mains and 50 hydrants.

Streets that will be impacted include Linden, South College, Fairview, Henrico, Ashley, Ellerson, Hildeen, Mooreland, Boswell and North College.

Anness said the work will start this year, but they will try to hold off on excavation work for the 250th celebration in June.

Finally, the commission awarded a $605,500 contract for the Baywest Tank Repair and Coating System Improvements Project to Currens Construction Services. County Attorney Norrie Currens recused herself and left the room during the discussion, saying anything would be handled by the conflict council.

“This is for the water tank out by the Mercer County Senior High School,” Anness said.

Commissioner Marvin “Bubby” Isham asked about the Mercer School District, which wants their logo on the water tank. It was explained the school district would have to work with Currens Construction.

Mayor Bob Williams said he had no problem with that “as long as Currens can do it within the bid amount.”

“We might look into it a bit more,” Williams said, to make sure nothing precludes them from doing it from a regulatory standpoint.

The projects are all within budget, said Ryan Carr of the Kentucky Engineering Group, who is serving as project manager.

Commissioner Anness said the city had received some low interest loans and loan forgiveness.

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