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Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman Shares Results From Procedure

The Harrodsburg Herald/Robert Moore
Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman shows off a Burgin Bulldog t-shirt she received in October 2023.

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman released a follow-up statement regarding a medical procedure she underwent on Monday, Dec. 18, 2023.

“Great news, Team Kentucky: My post-surgery reports came back clean!” Coleman said in the statement released Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2023.

Coleman decided to go through with the surgery after “concerns were raised to me during a recent routine physical exam,” Coleman said. “With a significant family history of cancer, I made the decision to have a double mastectomy.”

Coleman again reminded her fellow Kentuckians of the value of medical screening.

“While I am grateful for my amazing health-care heroes and the relief I feel for having answers, please hear me when I say, if I had put this off, skipped appointments, or not taken it seriously, it is likely the news I’d be sharing eventually wouldn’t be great,” she said in the statement. “Early detection and prevention were the difference-makers for me. And they are for you, too. Go schedule that appointment that’s been in the back of your mind.”

In the United States,  an estimated 297,790 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, with 43,170 deaths reported. Here in Kentucky, 4,030 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed, with an estimated 790 deaths. According to the American Cancer Society, when breast cancer is detected early and is in the localized stage, the five-year relative survival rate is 99 percent. Early detection includes doing monthly breast self-exams and scheduling regular clinical breast exams and mammograms.

Coleman, who was sworn in for her second term as lieutenant governor in December 2023, thanked the public for their support.

“Thank you for all the prayers and the well wishes,” she said in the statement. “They have kept me and my family going through a really tough time. I can’t wait to see you all soon.”

Coleman, a fifth-generation native of Mercer County, is the second lieutenant governor elected from Mercer County since Gabriel Slaughter, who was elected more than 200 years ago. She is the first Mercer County resident elected to statewide office since Clell Coleman, her great-great-grandfather, who served as commissioner of agriculture from 1923–1927 and as state auditor from 1927–1931. Her father, Jack Coleman, served as a state representative in the 55th District from 1991 to 2004 as well as a Harrodsburg city commissioner from 2012 to 2020. Her grandfather, Jack Coleman Sr., played basketball at the University of Louisville and nine seasons in the NBA (1949-58) with the Rochester Royals. The gym at Burgin Independent School is named after him.

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  1. Mike Elliott on January 4, 2024 at 9:04 pm

    Where did Jackeline Coleman have here surgery. My wife is going to have this procedure

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