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City Council Learns Of Property Line Dispute At Burgin RV Park

(Stock image: the Harrodsburg Herald)

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

The saga of the RV park in Burgin has reached another chapter with a dispute over property lines. At the regular meeting of the Burgin City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 14, Joseph Hayslett said part of the RV park has been built on property Hayslett owns.

“My boundary is within his fence,” Hayslett told the city council. He presented information to the council. Hayslett said he was raised on Second Street in Burgin, but he currently lives outside Kentucky. “He wants to come all the way over on my property.”

On Monday, the Harrodsburg Herald reached out to Ken Stewart, who has appeared before the city council before to speak about the RV park. Stewart said his son, Justin Stewart, owns the property and Stewart rents a house and mows and maintains the property. Stewart said the dispute centers on the sewer line for the RV park, not on any camping lots.

Ken Stewart said his son bought the property from George Hensley, the former mayor of Burgin. Stewart said what they have built is within the boundaries of the property they own.

“They’re all clearly marked,” Stewart said. “They’re not on his property.”

He said they have attempted to discuss the issue with Haylett several times over the past two years.

“He does not want to discuss it,” Stewart said.

“He has installed a fence over the property line,” said Hayslett’s attorney, Whitney Johns of Taylor and Johns PLLC in Harrodsburg. “A survey clearly shows that.”

She said Stewart had tried to dig up part of Hayslett’s property.

“I am still hopeful we can resolve some of the issues,” Johns said.

Ken Stewart has appeared before the city council several times over the past several years to discuss the RV park, most recently in October, when he presented the board with a full set of engineering plans including sewer, water and electric which had been submitted to the state.

Stewart said the park would be built in phases, starting with an initial 15 sites with another 15 sites. Ultimately, the park could serve up to 58 units.

Councilwoman Melinda Wofford noted Stewart had not mentioned any dispute over the RV park boundaries.

“He didn’t mention this,” Wofford said.

While Stewart maintains his son has an easement for the sewer connection, Hayslett maintains he does not.

“He has been notified numerous times,” Hayslett said.

The council asked Haylsett to keep them informed of any developments.

“Thank you for providing the information,” Wofford said.

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