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Lady Titans Ground The Eagles

The Harrodsburg Herald/Trevor Ellis
Emerson Six served an ace against the Madison Southern Eagles on Thursday, Sept. 21.

Byron Collier
Herald Staff

The Titans volleyball team is now in the back stretch of their season and looking to turn things around against the Madison Southern Eagles.

The Titans began the game with a back and fo1th battle, with back-to-back spikes fom both teams, with the Titans trailing, 3-2. They hen went on a 4-0 run to take the lead,6-2.

Ella Davis came up with a big spike to make the score 8-3 to give the team a momen­tum boost. The Titans couldn’t be stopped ea.i·ly as an ace by Ann Whitenack forced Madison Southern to take a time out with the score 12-5.

Coming out of the break, Madison Southern showed some Life with a big spike. Mercer responded with a block by Izzy Ca.t·lton, 14-6. Mercer came back the next play with a huge spike by Emerson Six. The Eagles started a comeback with another spike as the Titans’ lead shrank to five points. The Titans still held the lead after a few long rallies making the score 20-15. Another huge block, this time by Whitenack, killed all momentum for the Eagles, making it a 22-l 6 lead for Mercer.

The Eagles went on a 4-0 run with back-to-back spikes, but that wasn’t enough to beat the Titans, who scored three straight to win the first set, 25-20.

As set two began the Eagles took an early lead with an out of bounds hit by Grayson Petty, 4-1.

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