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Burgin Hires Contractor To Tear Down White House On Main Street

The City of Burgin has selected a contractor to demolish the house on Main Street.

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

The Burgin City Council approved hiring a contractor to tear down the White House on Main Street.

At their regular meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 12, the city council approved the bid submitted by Action Property Services LLC. The $8,590 bid includes tearing down the house, placing the debris and placed in a dumpster and grading the land to a mowable condition.

Councilman Doug Rulon said the property needed to come down before the winter begins.

“The sooner the better before the bad weather hits,” Rulon said.

The other bid was for $11,000. Both contractors could move fast. Action Property Service also handled the last demolition job for the city. While city officials believe approximately $16,000 was spent on dumpsters for the last demolition, but said but that house was more substantial than the White House.

While some community members have claimed the property is a historical landmark, the city council approved advertising for bids to demolish it last month after Mayor Joe Monroe said the city’s insurance had asked them to do something. City officials insist they cannot find any historical significance to the house, which they say is in bad shape.

“I voted three times in the past to tear the thing down,” Mayor Monroe said in August. “We’ve dealt with this three times and it’s been tabled three times.”

He said the city’s insurance had “put their foot down” and the house needed to be dealt with. Mayor Monroe also told the city council that Burgin should soon receive funding for the long waited flood relief efforts.

“We are supposed to have money in hand from federal and state by the end of the month,” Monroe. “Once the money hits our account we get to go to the next process.”

The mayor presented a contract with the engineers for the council to review. Engineers plan to install two 30 inch pipes at least 150 feet under the city as well as pumps to control flood waters. It has been estimated the project will cost more than a million dollars. Burgin is set to receive a $562,000 earmark grant from the federal government as well as $319,000 in state funding.

Rep. Andy Barr met with Monroe the week before and told the mayor to call him if the city had not received funding.

Monroe said he and Barr had discuss priorities for the city.

“I need $1.5 million and I need it tomorrow,” Monroe recalled telling Barr. The mayor said the representative told them wait until January to apply for a grant. Barr plans to use Burgin City Hall to hold office hours every two weeks, Monroe said.

Construction is supposed to start on the railroad project Monday, Sept. 25, Monroe said. Burgin has to hire a traffic monitor for the project, the mayor said.

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