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Burgin Loses Senior Night Game To Model

The Harrodsburg Herald/April Ellis
Kaydance Logue served up a point for Burgin in their senior night game against Model on Thursday, Sept. 7.

April Ellis
Herald Staff

The Burgin Bulldogs volleyball team celebrated its two seniors, Cloey Henson and Kacey McCray before a hard fought game against the Model Patriots on Thursday, Sept. 7. Burgin lost the match, three sets to one, but fought until the bitter end in each (21-25, 25-15, 23-25, 16-25).

Over the last few years, improvement in Burgin’s team are obvious. Once their setters learn to consistently place the ball at the net, the strength of their hitters will add several more W’s to their win column. Henson and Ava Todd can hit the ball with the best of them and as Tristan Fredrick and Kaydance Logue gain more experience at the net, they will help build the Bulldogs front line arsenal.

Model and Burgin stayed toe to toe the entire first set. The largest point spread was just five points. The set started with good volley on both sides of the net. Todd mixed up her game at the net and caught Model’s front line prepped for a hit and instead dumped the ball short over the net and caught Model unaware. Fredrick followed with a good serve to give Burgin their biggest lead of the game, 13-8. Model took from Todd’s cue and instead of setting to the hitter dropped a back set over the net for a sideout.

The Bulldogs struggled to get their sets close on the net, but Henson compensated with hard hits from the back line. Burgin led for the majority of the game, until Model tied it up, 20-20. From then it was just a run of bad luck with hits either falling outside the line or in the net and Model took the lead for the win, 25-21.

The second set started rough for the Bulldogs when Model jumped out with a 6-0 lead. Fredrick stepped behind the service line and the momentum changed for Burgin. She tied the game up, 6-6, with help from Henson defending the net where she  won the battle of the dinks.

Model jumped back up 13-9, but Todd tied the game back up 13-13, and went on to take the lead 18-13 and forced Model to take a timeout. Burgin came out of the time out focused and scored five more points and again, forced Model to take a time out. Model scored two points before Todd killed it from the back line and gave Burgin the 25-15 victory.

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