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Domestic Dispute Suspect In Custody

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

A domestic violence situation involving a weapon was resolved peacefully and the suspect is in custody, according to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office.

At 3:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 29, the sheriff’s office received a call from a family member about a domestic dispute involving a weapon. Sheriff Ernie Kelty said they were told the suspect, whom he identified as Zane Bugg, 28, of Harrodsburg, was sitting in the front yard of the home with an assault rifle waiting for the police to arrive.

The sheriff and several deputies arrived only to find the home apparently empty.

“The parents had left the home,” Kelty said. “They were out behind the house in a field.”

But the deputies didn’t know that at that time. “We didn’t know exactly where they were and we didn’t know where he was,” Kelty said.

The sheriff’s office called in the Kentucky State Police for assistance. Using the drone, they managed to locate the parents and Kelty said deputies made contact with the parents and made sure they were safe, but they still could not find Bugg, who had apparently left with several weapons.

“The suspect was gone,” Kelty said.

The sheriff’s office called in the Lexington Police Department, who sent in their air support unit. They also began pinging Bugg’s phone, finding he was somewhere near Heritge Woods Road and Dry Branch Road.

Kelty and deputies went back to the residence. “I noticed there was a light on that wasn’t on when we’d left,” he said.

Determining Bugg was in the house, Kelty and another deputy who knew Bugg began talking to Bugg, trying to convince him to surrender peacefully.

“He came out with his hands up and surrendered,” Kelty said.

Bugg has been charged with two counts of 1st degree wanton endangerment as well as one count each of 2nd deegree assault (minor injury) and violation a Kentucky EPO/DVO.

One person received a minor injury in the dispute. Kelty said he was happy with the resolution to the tense situation.

“It all ended peacefully and nobody was hurt,” Kelty said.

The sheriff said he was proud of his deputies and grateful for the cooperation of the other police agencies, including the Harrodsburg Police Department, the Kentucky State Police and the Lexington Police Department.

No other details on Bugg’s arrest was available on the Boyle County Detention Center website or at the courthouse.

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